Saturday, September 06, 2008

Democracy is the best revenge

Asif Ali Zardari's tale continues, a man thought to have brought down the daughter of east twice, was elected the President of Pakistan by a huge majority of electorate. According to media people turned out in large numbers on the streets to celebrate. Yes Pakistanis are fortunate to have celebrated twice within 20 days. The first time it was Musharraf's departure and now Zardari's arrival. Democracy is sure a sweet revenge and at times sends you to the presidential palace.

The following statement should be kept mind while looking at the future of democracy in Pakistan.

But most Swazis see things entirely otherwise. As a local saying goes, "A king is a mouth that does not lie." The government is bad, people tend to conclude, but the king is good.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nobody likes vista (Really!!)

Nobody likes vista. This is what every XP user (or lover?) wants you to believe. Many theories are doing the rounds as to why this is happening. Is it because of the trademark rigidity of users to accept new products? Is it because Vista is not so cool? Or lastly God forbid is XP that good we dont want to stop using it?

Without trying to actually answer any of these questions. Lets assume none of the above is true or minimally none of the above is a correct (or complete) reason. Looking back at the experiment I have been doing over the last two years or so. I believe that now the world should start giving a real try to Ubuntu or any other linux distribution of choice. The most important reason for this is the development of OpenOffice. OpenOffice has come a long way now and after a few months of use, one really cant tell whether one is using XP / Vista or the dreaded linux. The mosts important features of OpenOffice are seamless conversion to pdf and ease in incorporating equations (Really). The rant about Linux here to answer the question is that now KDE has come such a long way that using Vista is (or should be) not a priority. Specially when after installing Linux one can have such a variety of window managers that one can choose.

In the end I guess the topic of this post is incorrect. It should be nobody wants Vista.