Monday, February 14, 2011

Twofolds Joy of using Ubuntu

Frequent inhibitors to migrating to Ubuntu are what if something goes wrong, where will my windows go, what if I don't get everything working and topmost is I have only one partition what to do now don't wish to risk any partition magicians. A quick fix to all this rests in using Windows-based Ubuntu Installer (Wubi). If something goes wrong you don't lose windows, hard disk space and top of all your patience with Linux-derivatives.

All it takes is the following simple steps

1. Go to the Ubuntu Windows Installer Link
2. Let the 1.4 MB or so file to download and then install click.
3. Then let the application take charge while it asks for minimal information like username and password.
4. Boom after a couple of restarts and long download (700+ MB)you will have a copy of Ubuntu lying alongside windows harmless.
5. If you encounter some hiccups then its best to go to the windows and ask around google and then apply the fixes. This is the fun part that such hiccups no longer are fatal.

Best of luck Happy Hunting Ubuntu


Waqas said...

Timely. Please keep your Ubuntu posts coming :)

Laeeq said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the information.