Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VMware Player Gateway to Linux Experience

Recently I got a recommendation to use VMware Player to install linux. Ever since it has grown on me. I have install Ubuntu 9.10, edUbuntu, Ubuntu 7.10 and Gentoo. Especially the way it dynamically uses memory instead of reserving bulk of memory space. If i were to actually partition the hard disk and install all these OS I would have had to give up somewhere between 3GB ~ 30 GB. But now I am only using 11 GB of space. Apart from this benefit another amazing feature is that a separate IP address is available (even when connecting to a DHCP Server). This is not only keeps it clean and simple but also allows interaction with the guest OS via network interface. Another interesting feature is the automatic restoration of the virtual machine state. This feature comes especially handy when dealing with power failures or unintentional closing of the window.

The installation steps are pretty much simple.
1. Install VMware Player from the website (
2. Download the ISO and then use it. If you don't have the ISO use the CD-ROM and then either build an ISO from C/DVD using Roxio or similar software or directly install from the CD/DVD.
3. Follow steps on the screen just like you would in usual installation.

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