Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Evolution that is Linux

The availability of huge number of Linux distributions is amazing. The primordial soup developed by  Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson named UNIX had in it genesis the most amazing OS Multics. The primordial soup gave birth to a phenomenon which resulted in evolution of one beautiful species after another. The rise of Lisa led to Mac. Even the great evil empire acknowledged its superiority by first trying to develop Xenix and when it failed in its attempt to usurp started slowly building in features into its own Windows. A mutation took place in 1991 when Linux Travolds gave birth to Linux. This led to the never ending stream of species. Each and every species had its strengths and weaknesses but every species showed the brilliance and resilience that was present in its initial genes. The Linux of today cannot be compared directly to the MULTICS or even the first UNIX but the design is same providing solid and unbeatable performance. Not only is Linux and FreeBSD holding on to the server markets but also under the hood of iPhones and ARM processors. Spreading its seeds across all continents be it the PC Market or Laptop or Mini-Laptop Market, the species continues to awe its original developers.

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