Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why hibernating Linux might be a great idea

Why hibernating Linux might be a great idea? What supports the idea? There are basically two reasons that support this idea. One Linux has traditionally lived up to the billing as premium server class operating system.  Secondly it might strange but Windows has performed much better on Laptop using hibernate option than desktops. The former is a direct evidence support the convention while latter is circumstantial evidence. Since Windows is performing better in spite of it’s not so glorious record otherwise. So Linux can be expected to perform better than Windows because of its better history. The conjecture that server’s better performance can be attributed to the lesser frequent restarts needs to be further investigated but for now we could assume it to be true. Therefore its important to start setting up the hibernate option in the Operating System (be it Windows or Linux on laptop or a desktop). Its very good for the battery life too.

Steps for initiating hibernate inUbuntu Linux (Karmic 9.10)
Ubuntu click on your user name on the task bar and select "Hibernate" from the menu.

Steps for initiating hibernate in Windows
XP Operating System the option can be accessed by clicking Control Panel --> Power Options --> Selecting the tab Hibernate. Click the box next to Enable Hibernate (it would be checked by a tick mark). Next go to Advanced Tab and select actions to perform when the lid of the portable computer is closed , Power button is pressed or standby button is pressed.

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